Gram and Ryan visited!

A couple of weekends ago, my Gram and cousin Ryan visited Salt Lake.  I was so excited for them to visit.  I even woke up the morning they would arrive at 7am and couldn't go back to sleep because I was so excited, and it was a Saturday.  This is my cousin Ryan and he's the best.  We spent the whole time he was here trying to convince him to come to college at the U :)
 They stayed for almost a week and we got to show them tons of cool places around Salt Lake City.  My Gram has been friends with our some of our friends here in Utah several decades (she was the reason we met them when we first moved here), so we all got to spend lots of time together that week, which was so much fun.
 On Memorial Day, we all met at the base of Big Cottonwood Canyon for a hike.
Tess, Jennilyn, and I
me, my Gram, and Ann

 We went to Silver Lake, near Brighton ski resort, and walked the boardwalk around the lake.

 Brian giving Gram a little help on the trail.  There was still some leftover snow on the path.  Even though it's been 70 to 80 degrees lately down in the valley, the tops of the mountains all have snow still- it's so strange to see.

My Gram is in really good shape, and I was so proud of how great she did on the trails.
 The group- minus Brian taking the picture.  During the rest of the week we spent time in Park City (and rode the Alpine slide which was scaaaary!), took Gram to Ikea because she loves it, rode the ferris wheel at Scheels, and spent lots of time eating and hanging out with family.  I was so glad that Brian and I got to spend lots of time with my cousin Ryan.  He is so much fun and I really wish we lived closer to him so we could hang out more.
Bella developed a little crush on Ryan last week. She always wanted to sit/walk by him and even wanted to sit next to him on the ferris wheel.  One night we were having a big family pizza night outside and a bunch of us started playing duck duck goose because Bella really wanted to.  Bells chose Ryan all four times she played... so cute!
Gram and Ryan, please come back and visit soon!  We love you guys.

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