A sad goodbye... but not yet!

This is the house of our friends Liz and Dan.  When we first moved to Salt Lake last September, we didn't know anyone and we felt a little lonely.  That first month, we started looking for churches to join.  We went to one church in Sandy and liked is so-so, and then we tried K2 and really liked it!  That first Sunday we attended, they were having a big event to sign up newcomers for "life together" groups- or whatever you want to call them (small groups within the church that do a Bible study together and where you really get a chance to know people within the church.)  We signed up to be in Liz and Dan's group for young married couples and guess what, it's the best group ever!  We met some of the greatest friends there who we just love.  
Sadly, we found out a couple of months ago that Liz and Dan are leaving at the end of the summer.  We've always had our small group Bible studies at their house this past year, and I'm going to miss them and their house so much!  It's so cozy and such a great house for parties.  It was really sentimental to walk in last week and see everything all boxed up :(

Last night, Brian and I went to help them box the last of their things up and clean the house.  These faces look happy, but they are actually really sad.    
 See?  Sadness...
But guess what we still get to hang out with Dan and Liz for awhile because they're staying in Park City until the end of the summer and not quite moving yet!  You guys are the best and we will sure miss you!
On a happier note, our friends Brian and Sarah had a party on Monday night because it was the NBA finals and Brian (Sarah's Brian) really wanted to watch it.  I was A-ok with that because Brian and Sarah always have really fun parties and plus we ordered Buffalo Wild Wings.  I love their little apartment too and cannot wait to use their pool with Sarah this summer!
 I didn't really watch the game at all because basketball is not my thing, but had the best time just hanging out with these fun girls all night.

Love this picture even though Christine is cracking up! 


Tisse said...
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Tisse said...

Hey Rachel! I've nominated you for a Leibster award :) You can check out my post about it if you'd like to play along :) Keep up the good work pretty lady xoxo - Tisse

Rachel said...

yay!!! i'm so excited!!! going to start working on my questions thanks!! :)

Anonymous said...

the amount of arm and hand crossing in that pic is ridiculous and I love it.

Rachel said...

hahaa i love it too!