I love you Friday

In Saipan at American Memorial Park, 2011
Heyyy there, Friday, I'm so glad you're here.  It's gorgeous in the city and all I want to do is go and spend time with this guy!  And that pup.  I think we're going to see a movie tonight- maybe Oblivion at the Sugarhouse dollar theater.  

I've been doing quick little Youtube yoga workouts in front of our tv all week because we've been pretty busy and I haven't had time to go and use my yoga pass at Central Yoga.  I found some really great 10 to 20 minute yoga workouts by Tara Stiles.  That girl is crazy flexible... I don't really look like her when I try some of the moves, but no worries.  She's awesome and it's free on Youtube- check it out.
Last night, I got to go walking at Liberty Park and spent some great quality time with my friend Liz.  We talked about all kinds of things and the subject of blogging came up, about how it's so easy to share the good and fun things that are happening in your life, but it's tough and scary to genuinely share the rough parts of you that you don't want others to see.  It's so tough to be honest, especially when you know other people are actually reading what you write! 

 Liz and I both talked about wanting to be genuine, so that others can see the real you and can possibly be encouraged by what you struggle with. I struggle with thinking primarily about myself and my own needs most of the time, instead of others.  I can get really grouchy with my husband, the one who loves me the most, and take stress out on him. (He doesn't deserve that.)  I can also be sensitive to some things, but completely insensitive and clueless about others.  And those are just some things that I can think of off the top of my head ha!  Life is a balance of the good and the bad, and I don't want to show just the good and the perfect.  I've put my favorite quote by Holley Gerth on here before and here it is again: "The most impactful people aren't those who are perfect (there aren't any of those anyway). The most impactful people are those who are in the process of growing."   I love that.

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