This blog might just be 85% hiking pictures

When my cousin Ryan was here, our friend Dave took us on a hike up Millcreek Canyon.  Brian took his scooter after work and met us for a hike. (On the way home from the hike we were all on our way to a friend's house to eat peach cobbler and it started pouring while Brian was following us on his scooter.  Luckily we quickly got to the house and then left his scooter there overnight while I drove him home because it rained all night.  Having a scooter is great, except for when you are caught in the rain or it's really cold weather.)
Here we are on top of this really cool little lookout on the Church Fork trail.  We had to climb up this random semi-hidden path to get to it.  I don't think any of us would have even seen it unless Dave pointed out the way.
 Ryan and I on top of the "monster" from Dave's 90's horror movie... long story!!

 Ryan loved Utah.  He's from my hometown, Kansas City (actually Topeka, KS), and so he loves to travel around and hike in the mountains. Him and his dad have taken some really cool backpacking trips.  We told him that if he moves here for college he could hike every day...
 Me and Tess.  This girl is fantastic :)

 Earlier in the week at Red Lobster.  Yum coconut shrimp... blogging always makes me hungry when I look back at pictures of places I've eaten!
 This was a couple of weeks ago.  I got together with a few friends and we had a cooking night- I loved it.  We made fresh spring rolls with the best Thai peanut sauce ever, and sushi.  They were both super easy to make, even though the sushi was kind of hard to roll up into the neat little rolls you get at a restaurant.
My spring roll filled with bean sprouts, carrots, parsley, and a few other things I can't remember right now.  The rice wrapper came in a hardened form (like a thin, crunchy tortilla) and we had to soak it in water to make it soft.  

Brian got two days off in August (thank you!!) so we are planning a quick weekend trip down to Zion National Park.  We have never been before and I was a little nervous about going in the hot heat of August (we have heard from some people that you can get really dehydrated if you aren't careful), so I read some forums online about going to Zion in July/August.  A lot of people commented that they had been during that time before, and that you just need to hike/tour in the early morning or evening, and take it easy in the middle of the day when the temperature gets really high.  We are planning on staying right outside of Zion, so we hope to go back to the hotel and just hang out during the afternoons.  If anyone has been to Zion before and has any tips/cool places we should go, I would love to hear them!

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