We found a waterfall

On Sunday morning, Brian and I woke up, put on some hiking clothes, packed Samantha in the car, and drove about 45 minutes down to Provo Canyon.  We stopped in Provo first to get some brunch, but almost every restaurant (and store) was closed because it was a Sunday in Utah.  We finally found this little diner that was open and had omelets, french toast, eggs and sausage, and of course a lot of coffee for me.  
 After brunch, we drove up into the canyon.  We discovered we were low on gas, so decided not to go too far into the canyon.  We ended up parking at Nunn's Park, and hiked up part of the Bonneville Shoreline trail.
 As we were hiking, we saw this beautiful, flowing waterfall up above us.  We had been to this area before in the winter, so we knew that there were a bunch of waterfalls nearby.  The trail kept splitting off in many directions, but we tried to always go toward the waterfall because it was pretty hot and we wanted Sam to be able to cool off in the water. (She gets so hot while hiking in the summer- we end up stopping just about every 10-15 minutes to let her drink some water that we packed and cool off.)
 Finally, we made it to the waterfall!  It was so gorgeous, and it felt really good to be sprayed with the water after such a steep climb to get there.  There were also tons of colorful wildflowers growing all around the edges of the waterfall.
 Samantha and Brian drank lots of fresh water.
 Brian did some climbing while I sat and chilled.
 Sam was pretty upset that she couldn't follow Brian up the rocks and kept whining :)
 He made it up as far as he could go, then the rocks started to get really slippery.  That water is so freezing cold if you accidentally step right into it!
 After exploring for a while, we came back down the trail, stopped to get some groceries in Provo, and headed back home.  We've become really fond of Utah- there is so much to do within such a short distance from our house.  There are also unlimited and beautiful hiking trails, which are always a free and fun getaway from the city. Fun weekend!


Anonymous said...

So pretty! We will have to check it out; I loooooove waterfalls!!

Rachel said...

You have to go it's so gorgeous and easy to find!! Plus there's tons more waterfalls nearby at Bridal Veil Falls!