Some summer things

 Me and my babe before our 5th anniversary date a few weeks ago.
One last picture of hiking from Gram and Ryan's visit because I really like this picture and these people.
Going to the pool is one of my favorite things in the whole world.  My friend Christine and I were planning on swimming somewhere last Sunday afternoon, and then our friend Liz (who has a pool at her condo building) said she was up for a swim too, and then bam!  We put the two together and had an awesome girls-only pool afternoon.
Liz, Linds, and I getting our tan on, of course.
Then Christine joined!  Lounging around on pool chairs on a hot day is just so great.  I kept dipping into the pool just about every 5 minutes because it got so hot.
 But before our pool party, we actually went to brunch with these guys after church Sunday morning.  Charlie suggested we all go to Ruth's Diner and I said yes! because I've wanted to go there forever and we've never made the trip.  Ruth's is up Emmigration Canyon and is tucked into the mountain.  It feels like a little oasis to eat there surrounded by nature.  I was thinking it was going to be a tiny little building, but it was actually pretty big and there was a huge crowd of people there who had the same Sunday brunch idea as us. 
The restaurant is super popular and they don't allow reservations, so we had to wait for about 45 minutes outside but we didn't really mind.
 We got to eat on the patio which was shady and cool, and they even had a live band (two women with acoustic guitars) playing music in the background.  We really loved Ruth's and want to take my parents there when they visit Salt Lake this fall.

Brian and I chose and booked our hotel last night for our trip to Zion at the end of this summer.  I have it all circled and exclamation point-ed on the calendar- we can't wait!  I want to check out some cool stops along the way from Salt Lake down to Zion- popular restaurants, tourist places, etc.

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