This summer

Has it really been almost a year since we left Saipan?  Mandi Spa, I will always love you and your infinity pool overlooking the ocean!
I can't believe it's the middle of July!  Actually, it's a little past the middle, and that made me think about this summer and what I want to get started on.  Some things I want to do/learn:

1. Go camping a few times with Brian and our dog, Samantha.  Already have a head start on this one:  we are camping this Saturday with our friends Jamie and Taylor and I can't wait!

2. Learn how to do a headstand.  I've become kind of yoga class crazed this spring and summer.  I alternate between two great studios:  Centered City Yoga and Yoga Central.  If one is offering a Groupon or some other kind of a deal, I go there for awhile, then maybe switch back to the other.  I have my favorite teachers at each studio and can always find a great class to go to between the two.  I try to go twice a week.  Yoga has helped my whole body become stronger (I've never been that strong of a person at all!  Weight lifting classes? I'm terrible and always go for the lightest weights) and it helps my mind become clearer and to put things in perspective.  I want to take it to the next level now and be able to do some more of the challenging poses.  I'm going to use this tutorial and start working on it!
3. Drink more water.  Why is it so hard?  6-8 glasses per day!

4. Send some letters.  My friends Anna and Kara are the best at sending letters, and I have received several from them that just made my whole week.  I want to get better at doing it.  I might even send one to Brian through the mail- that would be cool.

5. Paint our kitchen cabinets, if our landlord will let us.  He's still getting the okay from the house's owner.

6. Make salads at home and find a healthy salad dressing that Brian and I both really like.
Also, this picture makes me really happy.  I miss you, Anna, Kara, and Becky!  And I sure do still call my kindle the Pretty Little Liar! :)


Grant & Kara said...

Miss you so much and cant believe that it has been a year since saipan :( Hugs!

Rachel said...

i know it's seriously so crazy- it's gone by so fast! Love you and miss you too!