On running

On a walk near Emmigration Canyon
I love reading practical tips on running on other people's blogs.  I like reading about how they feel about running even more.  For me, running is kind of a love/hate relationship, but I really like the way it makes me feel (endorphins please) and how it's one of the easiest ways to work out your whole body.

Here are some of my thoughts on what running is like for me:

1. It gets worse before it gets better.  When you start running again after taking a break, it hurts and can feel really bad at times.  I'm always tempted to stop running and walk, which I do all the time.  I stopped running this whole winter and when I started again, even getting up to one mile was difficult.  But it's definitely getting easier now, and sometimes I feel those endorphins that say, "you are doing so awesome- you can even run faster!!"

2. Music really helps.  Running to hip hop is the best ever.  Last week, my ipod died while I was running and I just gave up and started walking. ha!  I love running to Pitbull, Flo Rida, and especially David Guetta.  All time fave running song:  El Impacto Remix by Fergie and Daddy Yankee.

3. Speed doesn't matter at all.  Sometimes I run so slow I might as well be walking.  Even if you jog two miles really slow, you still went two miles!

4. Look at something inspiring before you head out.  Just look up "running inspiration" on Pinterest, or a running blog.  My friend Crystal's blog has been so inspiring to me- she has a huge passion for running and I love to read about her races.

5. Find a place you love to run. I love running outside, especially in a place where there are a lot of people around and lots of activity.  I used to run on a treadmill, but it just got to boring and I dreaded even going to the gym.  Now I always go outside and it's much better for me.  I see a lot of people running in downtown Salt Lake, and I want to try that next, even though I'm not quite sure how to deal with stopping at all of the intersections.

In other news, my friend Liz showed me this recipe website and we've already cooked three meals from it.

Have you guys read my friend Sarah's blog?  She's awesome, and so is her blog!  Here's my very favorite post-  read it!

My brother got me hooked on the AMC show The Killing.  I kept calling him all the time while watching season 1 and 2, and might have called him 3 times while he was in class because I found out who the killer was.  When is June going to be here so season 3 can start?


A name change

The view on my way to work in the morning.  Sunshine coming over the mountains.

We decided to change our blog name. Our blog really was "made in Taiwan," (actually right before we left!) but since only the first year of our blog is about Taiwan, we wanted to change the name to something that was more relevant to our blog as a whole. We really like the name, hope you do too!

 On the window of a little used bookstore in Bountiful, The Book Garden.
 At a plant nursery this week.  We've been planning our garden for the front yard and getting advice from people here.  We're going to plant tomatoes, peppers (sweet and bell), and one squash plant (everyone says they spread out like crazy so you need a lot of room).
 Brian has been really interested in composting lately.  Well, actually he always has been, but we are just now seriously thinking of buying a compost bin.  We will most likely buy one used.  There's a really good, short video on composting on this site.  The site also has a lot of other great videos under the "health nut" category.  We love one on "Healthy on the Cheap." 


You can do it

This evening after work I went running and listened to a playlist I used to run to all the time in Saipan.  It made me remember me and my friend Kara's favorite dance class, and running around the school on the hill that had all of the mango trees.  Towards the end of the spring last year, all the mango trees dropped their fruit, and I remembered running over slippery mangoes and smelling that island smell.  It made me a little happy and a little sad.
Here is my running inspiration for the week.
And also a little yoga inspiration too!
Look what I found at the thrift store!  I'm finally reading it cause, guess what, we have student loans.  I'm a few chapters in and it's really good. But the best part is that this copy is from 1992 and he talks about people putting their VCR's on a credit card.  Loved it.
I took this picture because I just think my husband is hot.
 I made a spring wreath!!  It's really easy because I just used the base of the Christmas one that I made this year, and stuck spring flowers in it.  You can't go wrong with making a wreath.  I love driving up to our house and seeing it!

 I put this where we could see it every day before walking out the door.  2 Timothy 1:7    


Say YES to brunch

One of my favorite parts of Sunday is that we usually go to brunch with friends after church.  My other favorite parts of Sunday are that 1) Brian is finally off work, and 2) I love our church and look forward to going each week.

This afternoon, we went to The Avenues Bistro and I had a delish frittata. 
We had great company!
 And there was even a wall-o-wine in the basement?
 Last night, we spent the evening with the Young family.  It's one of our favorite places to be.  Brian and I love sitting around the dinner table and eating with them, and our friend Jennilyn always makes the best food (she's just a great cook!).  Brian and I brought the ingredients to make strawberry shortcake, and we also had homemade ice cream that Gemma and her friend Taylor made.  And of course we watched a movie because family movie night is our tradition.  We're going through the Bourne series right now, so we watched the second one.
Could this face get any cuter?  

We got a new vacuum cleaner today and I was too excited about it.  Also, Samantha sheds a lot.

Is it weird that I am already kind of missing the snow?  I can't help it. There is just something about winter in the city and being all bundled up.  


Happy Sibling Week Ploopsta!

Guess who is the coolest ever?  My little brother Garrett!  Happy Sibling Week, Ploops :)
My brother is so much fun.  When I visit home, we like to stay up late and watch scary movies because he loves them as much as I do.  And that's a lot.  He's always been there for me to talk to, even when I was seriously homesick at times while living overseas.  It used to make me feel so much better to call him and talk about all the fun things our family was going to do last summer when Brian and I got home.

Christmas Eve at my Grampa's house- a family tradition
I'm so proud of him because he just found out that he was accepted into a grad program for Speech Pathology!  He will graduate college next month, then will move to Arkansas late this summer to start the program!  My brother is the smartest, kindest, and funniest person ever.  I'm so glad we get to talk on the phone at least once each week.

 And this is when my brother had Justin Bieber hair.  Love you Gar!
"This chocolate cake is so chocolatey!!"


Last couple of weeks

We climbed a mountain and took some pics on Easter Sunday.  The weather was so warm!  Maybe even hot!  I love it when the Wasatch mountains are bright blue and clear, and I love seeing them while I drive to work in the early morning.  It's still a little bit dark and you can see the city lights in the valley with the mountains rising up behind them- so pretty.

We've also been:
 Stopping by to get donuts a couple of weeks ago after Sunday brunch- Brian and I, and friends Liz, Charlie, and Lindsey.  Banbury Cross!  Glazed is the best!

 Watering my plants!  And they are not dying... what??  I bought these pots, painted them, and planted these random plants I thought were cool looking a couple of months ago. Now I've grown to love them and have become kind of obsessive about watering them because I feel like I'm responsible for their lives.  They cheer up our living room and I want to buy some more now.
 Next stop- we have a flower bed in front of our little rental cottage that needs some flowers.  I've been asking people here when the best time to plant is, and most people say wait until May or even June (because I guess sometimes it can randomly snow here in June?).  Brian and I are going to do a little research and then buy some neat things to plant.  We're thinking about leaving one section for vegetables or herbs, or just growing some herbs in pots inside the house.  Green thumb!  Maybe, we'll see.

 Also, these girls are the best!  Jamie, me, Liz, and Sarah at the park on Sunday watching our men (and a few others) play ultimate frisbee.

Halfway through the game we decided to walk a couple of blocks to this little coffee shop called Botanica.  Salt Lake City has great little coffee shops.  This one also sold a bunch of beautiful flowers and some handmade jewelry.
Excitement! :)
Spring is here!!