You can do it

This evening after work I went running and listened to a playlist I used to run to all the time in Saipan.  It made me remember me and my friend Kara's favorite dance class, and running around the school on the hill that had all of the mango trees.  Towards the end of the spring last year, all the mango trees dropped their fruit, and I remembered running over slippery mangoes and smelling that island smell.  It made me a little happy and a little sad.
Here is my running inspiration for the week.
And also a little yoga inspiration too!
Look what I found at the thrift store!  I'm finally reading it cause, guess what, we have student loans.  I'm a few chapters in and it's really good. But the best part is that this copy is from 1992 and he talks about people putting their VCR's on a credit card.  Loved it.
I took this picture because I just think my husband is hot.
 I made a spring wreath!!  It's really easy because I just used the base of the Christmas one that I made this year, and stuck spring flowers in it.  You can't go wrong with making a wreath.  I love driving up to our house and seeing it!

 I put this where we could see it every day before walking out the door.  2 Timothy 1:7    

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crookedstripes said...

I've never read that book, but Brian and I just ordered his envelope wallets to try the cash system!