Hello, here's our story:
In the summer of 2009, my husband and I moved overseas.  Our first stop was Taipei, Taiwan, where we lived for one year and taught English.
 Here is the city where we lived: Neihu, Taiwan.  It was beautiful, and we met so many wonderful people.

We loved exploring the big city, learning some Mandarin Chinese, and riding our scooter up through the mountains.  

 After our year in Taiwan, some friends from college convinced us to come live in Saipan, where they were working as teachers.  We're glad they did!  We spent two years in Saipan; I taught English at a language school and Brian was a counselor for the public school system.

Our favorite parts of Saipan were hiking with our friends on the weekends, snorkeling, and enjoying the laid-back, island lifestyle.  Although it's really small (14x5 miles!), Saipan is a gorgeous island with friendly locals and amazing sea life.  

We're so grateful for the three years we were able to spend overseas, and would love to live abroad again someday.
We moved back to the states in the summer of 2012 and are currently living in Salt Lake City.  We're happy to be back closer to family and friends, and are looking forward to finding our place in a brand new city. Thank you so much for reading our blog- we hope you enjoy it!


Tisse Marie said...

Hi Rachel,
Thanks so much for introducing me to your blog!
#1: you guys are soooo cute!!! What a beautiful couple!
#2: your adventures are amazing- I'm so loving seeing these beautiful destinations through your lens!

Rachel said...

Thanks so much Tisse- so glad I found your blog too! :)