Our Third Thanksgiving in Salt Lake City

This year's Thanksgiving was just sweet and wonderful.  I was feeling sentimental all day long about Jude's first Thanksgiving (and holiday season) and truly kept the word "grateful" in the front of my mind all day long.  I'm thankful that he made me a mama and that he belongs to Brian and I.
Our morning was fun and really laid-back.  Brian and Jude ran to the grocery store while I got to sleep in, then we started cooking when they got back.  I made crock-pot creamed corn and chocolate chip pumpkin bread, and Brian made a sweet potato casserole.  While those were baking, we watched Breaking Bad and let Jude nap.  In the late afternoon, Brian and I took Jude to Liberty Park because the weather has been nice and warm lately.  We headed for the swings!
 Little buddy thinks swinging is hilarious right now.  It's been so fun as he's started to notice the world around him and giggle at things.
 After the park, we went over to our friends Jamie and Taylor's apartment for Thanksgiving dinner!  Jamie hosted dinner last year too and she is so wonderful at making her home feel festive and special.  The food was (of course) delicious and we talked about how this is our third Thanksgiving spent in Salt Lake with these friends.  They have twin baby girls who were born just after Jude and they are already Jude's little best friends- it will be so fun to see them grow up and start to play together.
This is the extent of their "playing together" right now, but it's still pretty adorable.  Rey and Jude were actually looking at each other and realizing each other's existence yesterday and that made everyone's day hahaha!
Ready for bed after a long day.  Happy first Thanksgiving, my baby.
We left Jamie and Taylor's in the evening and went over to visit our family friends.  They were finishing up their Thanksgiving dinner and we stayed to visit with them and to have some dessert.  We thought we would stay for just a little bit because Jude was pretty much over Thanksgiving by that point, but we ended up staying and hanging out for awhile.  Brian hadn't seen many of them for a few months now, and it was great to relax together and catch up.  We feel so lucky to have friends that feel just like family and who invite us to their holiday gatherings- it means so much to us every year.  

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