4th of July this year

On 4th of July morning, my mom, Brian, and I got up really early and drove to meet my Gram and Aunt Carolyn.  At 6:30, we were at the starting line to run/walk a "4 miles on the 4th" race!  
 Gram and Brian before the race.  I ran the race, and my mom, aunt, and Gram walked it at a great pace.
 getting our numbers ready
 We're pumped up and ready to go!
 My aunt Carolyn and my mom
 I love them so much.

 I was so proud of my Gram walking 4 miles- she's so fit!  She felt a little dehydrated at the end so we had to jog over and get her some water, but besides that she felt great.  Gram is awesome.

 After the race.  Hot and sweaty, but proud of myself for running 4 miles.
 Then the rest of us finished!

 After our race, we went over to my Gram's house for some breakfast.
 Most of my family came, including my Grampa (with Brian).
4th of July evening, we joined a bunch of our neighbors for a party and my brother came home from college to visit us.
 Me and Jewels. I grew up across the street from her and our families have been friends for as long as I can remember- love them.

 Me and my "sis," Kebs- we matched!
 My brother Garrett and Kebra
 And of course some fireworks pics

 Sparklers!  These pictures definitely remind me of these pictures on the beach from Saipan.