Saipan Community Church

I really love our church, Saipan Community. I feel like Brian and I are part of a family there, and it makes me look forward to going each week.  The pastors at SCS are so genuine, and really care about each person in the congregation.  Also, I love to stand and worship while the ocean breeze is coming in through the sides of the church.  

Yesterday, we sang my very favorite song in church and I wanted to share the words here:
The Name of Jesus
by Chris Tomlin

The name of Jesus is a refuge
A shelter from the storm, a help to those who call
The name of Jesus is a fortress
A saving place to run, a hope unshakeable

When we fall You are the Savior, when we call You are the answer
There is power in Your name, there is power in Your name

In the name of Jesus
There is life and healing
Chains are broken in Your name
Every knee will bow down and our heats will cry out
Songs of freedom in Your name, oh, in Your name

Bring salvation, bring Your Kingdom
Let all that You have made bring glory to Your name
When we fall you are the Savior, when we call You are the answer
There is power in Your name, there is power in Your name

Obyan Beach

Brian and I on our front porch
 Getting ready to leave for church on Easter Sunday

 Below are some pictures of a Saturday afternoon in March spent at Obyan Beach.  Obyan is at the southern end of the island, near the Saipan Airport.  We had a little cookout and went swimming.
 Pathway leading down to beach.  Obyan is one of the easiest beaches to cross over the reef into the open ocean.  Before, we've used a rope that is permanently attached into the reef to lead ourselves out.  Once out in the open water, you are able to see sea creatures that you can't normally see inside the reef, such as sea turtles, eagle rays, and octopus.  This day, however, the water was too rough to try to go outside the reef.

Alison and Matt cooking hotdogs in the fire we made.
Brian climbing a palm tree to get some coconuts.
 Cuter than cute baby Caleb, my friend Kayla's baby.

Kara and I hanging out
Brian and Nate and the fire.
A great picture of the Woods family- Aaron, Kayla, and Caleb

Our friend Jake brought his two dogs to the beach, and Sam swam with them in the ocean.

The end!


yum yum

 Sam's favorite snack lately:  coconut.  Lately she's been gobbling them up during walks.  What??  I've never heard of a coconut-eating dog... but okay, Sam!