our Taiwanese apartment

Hello everyone! Sorry we've been slacking w/ the blog- we've been super busy! We've been traveling around a bunch of different cities in Taiwan, acting in plays at each of our schools for Moon Festival, shopping in the night markets (i'm in love with the night markets), and teaching teaching teaching!
I've (Rachel) joined a yoga class which I take with 5 of my Taiwanese (and one Canadian) friends every Tuesday night. Brian's found a rock climbing gym near our home that he's really excited about. We've also been having cooking parties at our friend James' house to get our fix of familiar Western food- sometimes I can't take anymore rice! :) We made Mexican food the other day and it was heaven.
Brian is planning on climbing the tallest mountain in Taiwan, Jade Mountain, sometime this winter. The trip will take several days, so he has to wait until we have some time off work in January. We love and miss you all!

Our hiking group from Wulai a couple Sundays ago

At Fulong beach a few weeks ago

This is our living room- our TV has 10 channels in English- CNN, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Animal Planet, and 5 channels that play movies in English 24/7.

The little room leading to our patio door

Our bedroom- everything is from Ikea :)

The Japanese style doors leading to our bedroom

Our hallway

10/10 is one of Taiwan's national holidays- the flag i made w/ my babies at school! we marched around the school shouting "Jiyoa Taiwan!" (spelling?) which means, "Go, Taiwan!"

our street in front of our apt and some of our neighbors

Me on our awesome porch- we LOVE our mountains!!!!!

Brian on our porch!

Our lovely neighbor- we love her! she lives below us and she speaks no English, so we get to practice our Mandarin with her

We saw Mr. Miyogi in Danshui!

Only in Taiwan... we see dogs EVERYWHERE dressed in tu-tu's, rain jackets, and shoes. oh and riding in purses and strollers. really???

A Sunday in Danshui- a cool little college town in Northern Taiwan

The night market in Danshui- crazy packed


Slippery bridges in Wulai

Brian at Fulong Beach, one of the more popular beaches in Northern Taiwan. We took a train, met some friends from training, and spent a lovely Sunday afternoon sunbathing and swimming.
Our friend Katannya (my coworker) invited us to go hiking with some of her friends. We got to try a new trail in Wulai, meet the author of Lonely Planet Taiwan, as well as some other Americans who had lived in Taiwan for a few years. Those are always the best people to ask for ideas on where to visit in Taiwan- they know the best places.