Slippery bridges in Wulai

Brian at Fulong Beach, one of the more popular beaches in Northern Taiwan. We took a train, met some friends from training, and spent a lovely Sunday afternoon sunbathing and swimming.
Our friend Katannya (my coworker) invited us to go hiking with some of her friends. We got to try a new trail in Wulai, meet the author of Lonely Planet Taiwan, as well as some other Americans who had lived in Taiwan for a few years. Those are always the best people to ask for ideas on where to visit in Taiwan- they know the best places.

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Nancy Morris said...

Hi Brian and Rachel

Boy, you two have courage crossing that wooden bridge--you both look great! Grampa and I are doing well--just returned from MA. Stayed a few days with Jim and Eleanor--they are failing, but they keep going. Weather here is starting to cool. Grampa is back playing ball and I am working one day a week for Dr. Albers, a retired veterianian--he is leaving for India in a few weeks to see the return of the cranes which happens every year at this time. He also is very good at photography and will be taking 3 camers and three lens. Not much else new here. Love your Blog.

Love and prayers, Gramma