Evening scenes in a beautiful country

I love this picture of my husband. We went on a short evening hike with our friends Tim and Tom in Keelung.
The next day, Jenna joined us and we went hiking in Sandialing (which is perfect to sing to the Arabian Nights tune).

Some locals resting after a hard afternoon of surfing

Picture stop while driving on our scooter through the mountains. Notice Ipod in hand- the best way to spend a drive!

Though the idea is cute, it's really not the best choice to ride a scooter in a sun dress!

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Nancy said...

Hello from St Petersburg, FL, the good old USA

Keep those wonderful pics coming, we so enjoy them. You both look wonderful and we are so happy to see that you are enjoying friends, job and Twian. Grampa and I are doing well, grandpa is playing softball 3 days a week --I am working 1 day a week and on Thursday mornings I am a group leader for our woman's bible study at church. We are doing Ecclesiastes--learning to really appreciate that Book!

How can I pray for you two?

Love and Blessing to you, your friends and your students.

Love, Grandpa and Gramma Morris