Hey, we live here

Rachel and I by the beach!
At an awesome beach in Keelung. Keelung is port city north of our house, which is quickly becoming one of our favorites. There's beautiful beaches, unique rock formations (like below), and a fairly large city with a great night market! The Keelung Night market is not the best for shopping, but the food is really good.

Rachel with our friends Wes and Daniel- we took a scooter ride over the mountains and up into Keelung city last weekend- it was wicked. This pic is at one of the beaches we swam at.

This is Hsin Hu, the kindergarten that Rachel works at- it is brand new and just had it's grand opening two weeks ago. She really likes her school, and most of her Chinese co-workers are her age- right out of college- which is really cool for her. She has been picking up some Chinese from them at her school too, and they all speak English too.

This is the Dahu Kindegarten were I teach a class of 3-4 year olds and a class of 5-6 year olds. They are some of the smartest 3-6 year old kids I have ever met. They call me "teacher Brian," and they laugh at everthing i do- they are really cool kids.

I have been driving our scooter for about a week now. It was pretty crazy at first adapting to the wild traffic in Taipei but I've really started getting the hang of of it. There are a lot of cars on the roads, but most definitely more scooters. At a stoplight, there can be hundreds of scooters waiting, and they all pull up to the front of the cars at the lights, which is normal here. Isn't she a beauty!

Rachel and I took a Saturday drive through the mountains and to the beach on the other side
Our scooter is the bomb

This is one of the mirrors that helps us see what's coming around the windy roads in the mountains.

After driving through the mountains for about 40 minutes we arrived at the wonderful beaches of Keelung.

A really sweet temple we passed on the street in Keelung, right outside the night market

We arrived in Keelung and joined our friend Tim for some of Taiwans best night market food. We have really loved the food in Taiwan- though sometimes we have no idea what we are really eating!

me, tim and our friend katie watching the fireworks in Keelung

After we spent the day at the beach and at the night market we made a fire and drank tea on some rocks by the ocean. We all jumped into the ocean to swim, but the waves were pretty fierce and we kept being pushed up against the rocks. Since it was so dark, we got out quickly.

Rachel and some of her friends from our training group- Katie and Shoshana

Today Rachel and I took a trip to Taichung with our land lady to hold babies at an orphanage for the day. We really fell in love with those babies. We actually loved them so much we adopted 3 of them. On the way home our land lady Sophia bought us these very tasty "famous" Taiwan cookies.
Kidding about adopting Taiwan babies......but it was tempting.


nrmorris said...

Hi Brian and Rachel,

Did you get my other comment? Email me and let me know if you get this response. We really love your Blog--keep the pics and comments coming. my skype name is nancyomo

Love and prayers
Gramma Morris

kimorris said...

Love all the pictures! Seems like things are really going well, lots of adventures! I so want to come visit! I miss you!

By the way, I still want to see pictures of your apartment!

Love you!