Those darn squaty toilets

Me and Jenna marveling at the squaty toilets in the MRT station- they are definitely no fun. Some places in Taipei have regular toilets (regular to Americans, the ones where you sit down), but sometimes you just have to suck it up and squat!

Brian is very confused about the prizes you can win in Taiwan... bread?

Going out to the Brass Monkey! Trying to find it... we were kinda lost

Well, we have been here for well over a week! It has flew by.... we have been so busy. Training has been pretty intense- there have been some very late nights staying up and practicing for our teaching demos w/ our small groups. Today was our last big demo, and we can all relax until we move to our branches on Wednesday and begin our first days of teaching! Brian and I went apartment shopping with one of our head NST's (basically, our boss), and also got to tour our branches that we will be working at. Brian's is very small, with about 4 classrooms, while mine is enormous. They call my branch the "flagship" of all of the kindergarten buildings- it is brand new and is having it's grand opening this week! The fellow teachers and people we met at our branches were all so nice, and seemed really eager to help us. We haven't found an apartment yet, but we are going to continue looking tomorrow- cross your fingers!

Tonight, a bunch of the girls in my training and I are all going to get massages in Taipei city. Everyone says that the massages can actually be really painful because they massage so deep (but you can ask them to do it gentler!), and there are tons of different treatments that they do. My friend Lynn did a treatment in Asia where lots of little fish nibble away all of the dead skin on your feet and legs- she said it felt amazing. Who knows, i just may try it!

Brian was able to get in his soccer (or, football, as they call it everywhere else) fix today. We got out of training early, so about 20 of us went to a park and played soccer in the 100 degree temperature- it was sooo hot! We also had an audience of Taiwanese people staring at our huge group of foreigners playing soccer after a while.



kimorris said...

Love all the pictures! I heard you found an apartment! I can't wait to hear about it! Love you both!

Kim and Randy said...

Please win me a piece of bread, brian!

Kristy said...

So fun! congrats on the apt! Love you guys!