What's up Taiwan?

Me and my honey in taiwan- outside of the MRT- our subway/train system that we use to get everywhere. We have a card that we can scan each time we ride, which is much easier than dealing with change each time.
A typical taiwanese street- 1 million scooters! Everyone in the city drives a scooter, practically. Sometimes we drive by a small wreck where someone has fallen off, but we haven't seen anything serious yet.

My friends- we had the most awesome girls in our training group! From the left, Vanessa (Canadian), Beth (American), Lynn (British), Katie (American), me, Ingrid (South African), and Jenna (American)
Brian stealing some of my food w/ his chopsticks- we haven't seen forks for quite while. I must say, we are really getting the hang of chopsticks. The wooden ones are best, vs plastic where the food just slips right off.
Our bathroom- and yes... there is a toilet, sink, AND shower in there. Lets just say it's a bit cramped... but still work just fine!

And this is the very best part.
The view outside of our patio door- it is so beautiful. During the typhoon this weekend, the wind blew so hard over the mountains and rattled our doors and windows like crazy. Brian went climbing in the mountains early yesterday morning and found a Buddhist temple.

Brian outside of our favorite "50" restaurant- we can each eat for $1.50- and the food is pretty good. You choose 5 things, and there's lots of fish, chicken, and vegetables to choose from.
Rach, Jenna, and Katie at our end of training banquet. They served wine and appetizers, and gave away awards for our two week training.
On our way home w/ some awesome taiwanese food.

Playing soccer after training one day- it was seriously 5,000 degrees.


kimorris said...

Awesome bathroom! It looks so relaxing! A real getaway! Haha!

I would really really really love to see pictures of the rest of your apartment!

Hope that all is well! Love you and miss you!

Eric said...

SOCCER!! awesome! haha the bathroom is tiny! it will remind you a little of Chapman! :)

Debbie Satterfield said...

Wow, I think that bathroom, makes the ones on the cruise ship, look huge!!
What a view!! It almost makes up for the bathroom.
Hope things are going great.

nrmorris said...

Hi Brian and Rachel,

grandpa and I are enjoying all the pics and comments -- The food looks good, but do you know what you are eating--dog, ants, spiders, creepy crawly things??? LOL We are both fine, just got back from Massachusetts. Grandpa Will is very weak, but holding his own, Gramma Will is holding her own. We stayed with them a few day--took down a tree and drove them to get another cat, Friday, their 17 year old cat had to be put to sleep four weeks ago. Keep the pics and updates coming--we love seeing you. Are you set up for skype yet. Our skype name is Nancyomo. Thank you for your most recent note. Love and prayers to you both. Gramma

Kim and Randy said...

I love that they have placed a plug in the middle of your shower. . .don't get electrocuted!

Anonymous said...

hey mr morris it maddie r from last year ! i miss u as a teacher but it looks like ur having lots of fun!(:ive been reading ur blog but i just couldnt figure out how to leave a comment until now and this took alot of time lol well hope u guys are having LOTS of fun -maddie