On running

On a walk near Emmigration Canyon
I love reading practical tips on running on other people's blogs.  I like reading about how they feel about running even more.  For me, running is kind of a love/hate relationship, but I really like the way it makes me feel (endorphins please) and how it's one of the easiest ways to work out your whole body.

Here are some of my thoughts on what running is like for me:

1. It gets worse before it gets better.  When you start running again after taking a break, it hurts and can feel really bad at times.  I'm always tempted to stop running and walk, which I do all the time.  I stopped running this whole winter and when I started again, even getting up to one mile was difficult.  But it's definitely getting easier now, and sometimes I feel those endorphins that say, "you are doing so awesome- you can even run faster!!"

2. Music really helps.  Running to hip hop is the best ever.  Last week, my ipod died while I was running and I just gave up and started walking. ha!  I love running to Pitbull, Flo Rida, and especially David Guetta.  All time fave running song:  El Impacto Remix by Fergie and Daddy Yankee.

3. Speed doesn't matter at all.  Sometimes I run so slow I might as well be walking.  Even if you jog two miles really slow, you still went two miles!

4. Look at something inspiring before you head out.  Just look up "running inspiration" on Pinterest, or a running blog.  My friend Crystal's blog has been so inspiring to me- she has a huge passion for running and I love to read about her races.

5. Find a place you love to run. I love running outside, especially in a place where there are a lot of people around and lots of activity.  I used to run on a treadmill, but it just got to boring and I dreaded even going to the gym.  Now I always go outside and it's much better for me.  I see a lot of people running in downtown Salt Lake, and I want to try that next, even though I'm not quite sure how to deal with stopping at all of the intersections.

In other news, my friend Liz showed me this recipe website and we've already cooked three meals from it.

Have you guys read my friend Sarah's blog?  She's awesome, and so is her blog!  Here's my very favorite post-  read it!

My brother got me hooked on the AMC show The Killing.  I kept calling him all the time while watching season 1 and 2, and might have called him 3 times while he was in class because I found out who the killer was.  When is June going to be here so season 3 can start?


crookedstripes said...

awwww you linked to my blog! :) I love reading about how you feel about running, although I still hate it....haha

Rachel said...

that's okay- color me rad is still going to be THE best!!