You're already home where you feel love

The Oquirrh mountains are so gorgeous when the sun is setting.  Such a cool zig zag pattern against a pink sky.
We took an evening walk last week near Emmigration Canyon and got to watch the sun set over the city.

See the Great Salt Lake in the distance?  The landform beyond it is Antelope Island, the biggest of 10 (I've also heard 11?)  islands on the Great Salt Lake.

This is one of my favorite places in the city, the Downtown Public Library.  The lobby is so cool- enormous with lots of natural light, and the little shops in it sell cute little plants and wind chimes, books, stationary, and art.
The library has 4 floors and tons of desks and comfortable chairs on all of the floors so you can look out over the city while you read or study.  
Windows open on a warm night.  Actually, our windows have been open pretty much anytime we have been home the last week.  We love the breeze coming through the house.
Tonight we're going to West Jordan to hang out with Heather and her family and I made rice krispie treats. I also bought extra ingredients to make a bunch for us this week. Brian loves having dessert around the house at night- cookies, cake, anything. I think it's because his mom always made delicious desserts when he was growing up.  Actually, just about everything Brian's mom makes is yummy- she is such a good cook!  We love her :)
 I've also been craving stuffed jalapenos, so I'm going to make some for Cinco de Mayo Sunday.  It's so easy- cut fresh jalapenos in half, scoop out as many seeds as you want to (I scoop out everything bc they are hot enough without the seeds), spread some cream cheese in the middle, wrap half a piece of bacon around them, then bake until they look crispy and a little brown on top.  They are so. good.


Anonymous said...

Such pretty pictures in this post!! I need a good camera like yours.

Tisse said...

Gorgeous photos- I can totally smell the mountain breeze :)

Rachel said...

Thanks Sarah and Tisse!! We love the mountains here so much! Sarah- you should and I promise I won't steal them like your phone pictures :)