Sunday in Spring

Today we went to the early service at our church, then went to brunch afterward.  Sunday brunch is a part of the week that we always look forward to.  Brian also works six days a week (he delivers mail) so I love Sundays because he's off work and we try to fill it with fun things.

We went to Park Cafe and it was super busy.  We ended up waiting outside for about a half hour, but the weather was the perfect temperature and I think I even got a little tan.  The food was also so good- it was worth the wait.

Love to hang out with him.
Delicious chocolate chip pancakes and biscuits and gravy.
 After church, Brian worked on his bike.  He just bought new tires, peddles, and a derailleur for his mountain bike and installed them today.  Sam was certain he would play with her any minute so she stuck close by.
 Waiting.  She is obsessed with playing fetch.

Then we went to home depot for some stuff for our new garden (pictures coming soon!) and I got my first iced coffee of the summer.  Wait, spring, but it really felt like summer today in the 80's!
Later in the afternoon we hung out with the Young's and took Samantha to play at Memory Grove park.  We waded in the creek (freezing cold from a stream of melting mountain snow!), had a picnic, and walked the dog trail.  Then Sam got into a fight with another dog... because she does that quite often.  We are going to have to enroll her in some kind of a dog class soon, because she's really good with some things (playing with people, obeying commands, always being friendly and good natured with us) but really bad with others (sometimes snapping at random dogs, aggression with food).  I talked to a trainer at Petco a couple of weeks ago, so we are thinking of enrolling her there. 
 Jennilyn brought cupcakes with chocolate in the middle 

Happy Mother's Day to our two wonderful moms... we love you both so much and are so glad you are ours.

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Anonymous said...

Awww- I LOVED this post:) I can't believe you two are coming upon your fifth yr anniversary! Love your pics! I'm sure Sam taught Gemma how to shake your toy. Gemma does the same thing to her chicken- it's hilarious:) Mom