SLC spring flowers

 A couple of weekends ago, we went with our friends the Young's to see the flowers at Temple Square.  We live only a couple of blocks from Temple Square, but we hadn't had a chance to walk down and see the flowers yet (we even missed the famous Christmas lights at the square- we have got to see those next year!).  We decided to go with our friends and check it out- beautiful!!
There were tulips everywhere, with pansies and a million other gorgeous flowers mixed in.

 I love this picture Brian took of a statue at the square.

 Bells exploring
me, Gem, and Tess

 It was also the most gorgeous weather that day.  I really like spring in Salt Lake.  It doesn't really rain that much, and the climate is really dry here. 

 Young family, we love hanging out with you!  Picnic time tomorrow!

On most Thursday nights, Brian has been playing ultimate frisbee with a group at the U.  So this Thursday I went with a few of my friends for a walk at Liberty Park.
The weather was again gorgeous so there were a ton of people at the park.  Liberty Park is my favorite park in the valley- I love how there's always a lot of activity there in the evenings.  There are also tennis courts, soccer fields, and a bird aviary, with several walking paths all the way around.

Lindsey, Liz, and Liz
Then we went to get sushi afterwards because we were starving and that's how we roll.  Did you like that?

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