The church where we were married

 This summer during our time in Kansas City, we visited the church that we were married in.
 We were married on May 24th, 2008, in a little Episcopalian church near Independence Square.  My mom and I had found the church about 6 months before the wedding, when we were looking for the perfect place in Kansas City to hold the ceremony (Brian gave some guidelines but pretty much said I could pick the church).  I knew I wanted a small church that would feel cozy and beautiful, and I instantly loved this one.  The minister of the church was so nice and friendly, and agreed to let Brian and I be married there, even though we don't belong to the Episcopal church.  When we brought Brian back to see the church, he immediately said it was perfect.
 Our friend Chris took the coolest pic of us jumping on these steps on our wedding day and I really wish I could find it in my computer right now to share it!  We took this one this summer to match it.
Last Friday was our 5 year anniversary, and Brian took me to Biaggi's, an italian restaurant downtown. It was so elegant inside and the food was amazing.  I love their bread pudding and want to go back and eat it right now.
 Brian bought these gorgeous flowers for our anniversary.  There are few things more romantic, in my opinion, than receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  I think it's so meaningful.
 Funny story about the flowers- Brian told me that he had bought a bouquet of peonies (those were our wedding flowers) the day before to give me, but overnight they had wilted and looked really terrible by the morning, so he went out and bought these instead.  I think that makes these flowers even sweeter... and now it's getting gushy.  I have a thoughtful husband.♥  And PS Costco has the best flowers.

Also, this is what happens when it's rainy for two days and you feel so bad about keeping your dog cooped up in the kitchen that you decide to let her spend the day outside in the mud.  Sam's favorite thing is to find a hole (which she dug in the backyard) that has filled up with water and jump in it/lay in it/throw her toys in it.  Guess what, she smelled pretty bad.  But that's still a pretty cute face!


Anonymous said...

OMG- I KNOW that face/paws/muddy dog!!!!!!I remember how much she LOVED the pond. OMG. OMG. Mom:)

crookedstripes said...

Awwww so sweet! I love the flower story :) and you guys! You are a wonderful couple, and I am so happy to have gotten to know you!!

Tisse said...

A belated Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby :) I love that you got to revisit the church where you were married ... and what a sweetie for getting you fresh lovely flowers after the peonies were a bust (good catch, Rachel ;)

Rachel said...

Thank you guys! He is a good catch, isn't he? :)