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Petco gives heart doggie treats

I went to an awesome yoga class at Centered City this morning.  It feels great to do yoga in the morning  because you really feel the benefits the rest of the day.  The class was a slower, more relaxing class that focused on stretching.  Usually I like the fast-paced power classes more, but since I've been running this week and had sore legs, this class felt really good. 

My fave running song this week has been California Gurls (Armand Ven Helden remix) by Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg.  Helps me pick up the pace at the end of a work out!!
Brian's been making a lot of healthy snacks lately and I think it's really cool.  This week he borrowed a friend's dehydrator and made his own fruit leather.

He stuck a bunch of different kinds of fruit into our blender with just a little bit of water.
 He blended it until it was all liquid and it turned into this really pretty pink color.  Healthy!
 Then he just poured it into the dehydrator and let it do it's thing for about a day.  It turned out pretty good.  He also made the kale chips from this site.  They were made with some habanero pepper and were spicy but good.
Here's some pictures from our small group's service project last Monday.  We do a project one Monday night each month and it has usually been painting at local community centers.  It's pretty fun, even though are painting skills are usually pretty rough but oh well.  We were missing some people on this last Monday night.  This post on Sarah's blog has more of our church small group and service project pics- they're awesome check them out!
 This is true love
 Taking a break from some strenuous painting.
 Brian and Charlie cleaning the brushes and rollers.  Then we went to Red Robin and I had the best onion rings ever.

This verse stood out to me this week: "It is good to announce your mercy in the morning and your faithfulness in the evening." (Psalm 92:2)  I want to have a grateful spirit during the day.  Brian and I have always valued a simplistic lifestyle and trying to keep a minimalist mindset.  When we moved back to the states, there were so many things suddenly available that I had been missing so much while living overseas.  Everything from restaurants, to cable tv, to air-conditioning and shopping for furniture and bedding seemed really new, fresh, and exciting.  I remember feeling so grateful about driving an automatic car (never again, stick shift, never again) and getting kitchenware that we wouldn't have to pack up for a long time.  Now that we've been back in the states for almost a year, it's easy to look at the things we have and think we need more.  I don't want to fill our house with things that we don't need and I want to have a heart that is thankful for Brian and the people around us and what we have.

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