Say YES to brunch

One of my favorite parts of Sunday is that we usually go to brunch with friends after church.  My other favorite parts of Sunday are that 1) Brian is finally off work, and 2) I love our church and look forward to going each week.

This afternoon, we went to The Avenues Bistro and I had a delish frittata. 
We had great company!
 And there was even a wall-o-wine in the basement?
 Last night, we spent the evening with the Young family.  It's one of our favorite places to be.  Brian and I love sitting around the dinner table and eating with them, and our friend Jennilyn always makes the best food (she's just a great cook!).  Brian and I brought the ingredients to make strawberry shortcake, and we also had homemade ice cream that Gemma and her friend Taylor made.  And of course we watched a movie because family movie night is our tradition.  We're going through the Bourne series right now, so we watched the second one.
Could this face get any cuter?  

We got a new vacuum cleaner today and I was too excited about it.  Also, Samantha sheds a lot.

Is it weird that I am already kind of missing the snow?  I can't help it. There is just something about winter in the city and being all bundled up.  

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crookedstripes said...

No! We don't miss the snow! ;)