A name change

The view on my way to work in the morning.  Sunshine coming over the mountains.

We decided to change our blog name. Our blog really was "made in Taiwan," (actually right before we left!) but since only the first year of our blog is about Taiwan, we wanted to change the name to something that was more relevant to our blog as a whole. We really like the name, hope you do too!

 On the window of a little used bookstore in Bountiful, The Book Garden.
 At a plant nursery this week.  We've been planning our garden for the front yard and getting advice from people here.  We're going to plant tomatoes, peppers (sweet and bell), and one squash plant (everyone says they spread out like crazy so you need a lot of room).
 Brian has been really interested in composting lately.  Well, actually he always has been, but we are just now seriously thinking of buying a compost bin.  We will most likely buy one used.  There's a really good, short video on composting on this site.  The site also has a lot of other great videos under the "health nut" category.  We love one on "Healthy on the Cheap." 


Anonymous said...

I like the new name. You will be surprised at how well your garden will do. It's a lot of fun and so exciting when it starts producing. Just try to keep those hungry rabbits away!!! Mom

Rachel said...

Thanks! And I can't wait to plant our veggies!! Love you! :)