On the beach in Florence, Oregon

These are some of my very favorite pictures.  I'm keeping a mental list of a few pictures that I want to put in our baby boy's room of the time while I was pregnant with him (because he was there too, right?!) and the one above is one of them.  This beach day with Laura and Joe was cold, misty, and so much fun.  
The beach in Florence has Highway 101 winding right alongside it, and we went exploring to different parts of the beach.  After getting too cold and wet from all the wind and swirling fog, we would jump in the car and go find another place to stop.
All four of us lived on a tropical island together for two years, so it was so crazy to "go to the beach" again with such a different landscape.  The water was freezing and there were a few people that we saw jumping in anyway.
We stopped for an in-car picnic of peanut butter and marionberry jelly sandwiches (if you are in the Northwest area, do yourself a favor and pick up a jar of fresh marionberry jelly) and at a really cool nature center (complete with lots of quoting of the Portlandia Sacagawea skit).  There was also a place where you could take an elevator underground to see a cave of sea lions, but we opted to save that for next time.  On the way back out of Florence, we stopped to get milkshakes at BJ's ice cream parlor.

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