We're pretty big fans

So, we want to move to Portland.  Just kidding!  But seriously, we love vacationing here.
We're here for 4 days before traveling down to Eugene to spend the rest of the week with our friends Laura and Joe.  The drive here really didn't seem all that long (and I drove for a lot of it!  Almost half?  Well, maybe not that much), and it's so nice to take a getaway trip to a city that feels so different from your own.  Compared to Salt Lake, Portland seems really big!  We love the moss growing on all the houses, the gorgeous trees already in bloom all over the city, and the beautiful houses and parks. And you know what the very best part is?  All. the. awesome. food. here.
 Baby bump in Portland
On the drive here, we stopped for biscuits and gravy and pancakes at this tiny little diner.  I've always loved truckstop diners ever since I was little and would see them on family vacations, and this one was super cute.  All of the customers kept joking with the waitress and she would call them all by name.  Do you like the deer head staring us down?
We've spent lots of time walking downtown.  I'm seriously surprised at how much I've seemed to slow down after hitting the midway mark in pregnancy.  I really felt like I was keeping up okay for the last few months, but after 20 weeks, I'm going much slower.  We've found lots of little places to sit down and rest, and luckily there are lots of food trucks to stop at!  The best part of being pregnant on vacation is that Brian will rub my feet when we are finished walking for the day.
22 weeks
 Shopping in the Northwest area in all the tiny little shops.
 Spending a couple of hours in Powell's after getting caught in the rain.
 Best ever falafel shawarma
There are so many bikers here in Portland, and bike lanes everywhere!  Also, there are so many more people walking around downtown than we have noticed in Salt Lake- it's always fun to get food and people watch at Pioneer Square, or just anywhere.

Liz, if you read this, know that the strawberry scone at Public Domain was life changing.  I'm going back to get another one tonight.

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