21 weeks

How far along are you?  Well, I'm actually 22 weeks now, but I wrote some of this post at 21 weeks and forgot to post it!
Feeling:  Really good.  Struggles are walking long distances (It feels hilarious complaining to Brian about my "aching back," like a true pregnant lady!), and sleeping at night (hip pain!)  But energy-wise, really good right now.
Aversions:  Absolutely nothing.
Cravings: Lucky Charms.  We are in Portland right now and I bought a box and some milk for the hotel room and have been sitting in bed eating them like crazy day and night.  Brian is actually out right now buying more milk for my cereal!  Also craving Dr. Pepper still, and almost any kind of sweet foods.
Belly button:  So so close to being out!
Exercise: Still walking and have also been stretching/doing yoga more again, which feels really, really good.
Best moments: Brian can feel the baby move now!  And then it quickly switched to we can both SEE the baby moving!  It's so crazy and looks like a little bump! under my belly every once in a while.  If I'm at home, I will always drop everything to watch him bumping around in my stomach- it's the coolest thing.  Also we have loved shopping for baby boy's nursery while in Portland this week.
Names: We've pretty much narrowed his name down to two choices, and we call him by each one intermittently during the day to test them out.  
What do you miss:  Drinking a ton of coffee, super hot baths, and sleeping on my stomach.

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