Portland, again.

We ate at the food trucks at least once a day while in Portland.  One stand had the best Thai iced tea (my very favorite drink) and the lady that ran the stand called everyone, "baby."  I also had such good bi bim bap, Indian food, and the same falafel gyro twice.

Brian decided to get the famous Snitzelwich on our last day and it was amazing.

It had this super spicy sauce that would kind of burn your nose sometimes if you took a big bite, but it was the best sandwich ever.  If we go to Portland again, I'm getting one every day.
We took our food and sat in the little brick courtyard and watched people feeding the pigeons.
 Celebrating Brian's 32nd birthday!

 We took a drive along the Columbia River Scenic Highway to get to Multnomah Falls.  There was the coolest lodge right below the falls with a big fireplace.  I ended up relaxing by the fireplace while Brian walked up to see the falls because I was wearing shorts and it was so cold.
 We stopped along the way at the Columbia River Overlook.
 We went to the Pittock Mansion to see the sunset over the city.
Now we are in Eugene, Oregon visiting our friends, Laura and Josiah.  Eugene is  such a cool little college town, and the live within walking distance of so many cool places (like Voodoo donuts, the Eugene version!)  Tomorrow we are visiting the coast and I can't wait to dip my toes in the (freezing cold!) ocean.


Anonymous said...

I love the food truck square!! Also, I almost went to University of Oregon and so took a trip up to Eugene to check it out and it's sooooooo pretty there! Love all your trip pictures!

Rachel said...

Sarah I loved Eugene so much too! It's the coolest little college town and the university campus is gorgeous!

Amy Grosenbach said...

I love seeing you guys in my old stomping grounds. Matt and I have several pictures of us at Pittock Mansion. And I drove by Multnomah Falls at least twice a year my whole life seeing family in Portland or going to and from college. Miss you guys so much.

Rachel said...

I miss you too Amy!! We loved Portland and I thought of you when I was there- Multnomah Falls is seriously beautiful!