Les Mis and some Eugene

While we were staying with our friends Laura and Joe last weekend in Eugene, we went for a hike at Spencer's Butte.  Laura had to stay back and work on a paper that was due that day, so it was the three of us.  The walk was so gorgeous with bright green moss on every surface and tons of tall, skinny pine trees shooting up all around.  I loved the misty feel of the air because it's so different than dry, dry Utah.
 Spencer's Butte is a pretty easy hike and has a beautiful lookout over the valley below.  There were a lot of people out hiking enjoying the warm weather.  We were really lucky and had warm and mostly sunny weather the whole week we were in Oregon!
 Baby boy was sleeping during the whole hike, lulled to sleep by the activity. 
 My friend Laura is in grad school at the University of Oregon and she takes a Chinese class a couple nights a week.  I got to go with her to one and had such a blast trying to remember my Chinese language skills.  The class was small with only 2 students, and the teacher speaks in only Chinese (unless everyone is really lost and then she switched over to English to explain).  I felt like I could keep up and understand almost everything she was saying!  She also included me a lot and asked me the same lesson questions as everyone else; sometimes I answered that I couldn't understand, but mostly I could formulate some sort of answer... so exciting!  I love Chinese so much and really don't know why I stopped taking lessons a year ago. I definitely remembered my passion for the language while sitting in on that class and want to find some small group lessons of my own here in Salt Lake.
That night, we also got to Skype with our friends Josh and Liz, who lived in the same apartment complex with us and Laura and Joe while living in Saipan.  We all also went to college together in Oklahoma and Laura and Joe prompted us all to move to Saipan to teach.  It was so fun talking about a bunch of memories and getting to catch up- love them.
 Last night, I went to Salt Lake's Hale Theater and saw the play Les Miserables with Jennilyn, Tessa, and Gemma.  We made a girls night out of it and went to dinner before!  If you live in Salt Lake City, go see this play- it was fantastic!  The stage is in the center of the room with seats all around, and it moves up and down with a ton of different sets- it was so cool- and the cast was amazing. All four of us were in tears at some point or another during the play.
I'm sad I didn't get a good picture with JL in it but those were even blurrier than this one. 
Baby boy was hilarious during the play and was seriously wiggling and kicking around the entire time- especially during the loud scenes and the gun blast parts.  He was probably wondering what in the world was going on out there?  He is such a squirmy little guy and we wonder if he is going to be as active outside the tummy as he is in it!  Watch out, world!

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