It's a boy!!!

Little baby Morris is a boy!!  It's the sweetest thing ever to feel a little baby flip flopping in my stomach and to know it's actually a "he"!  I keep envisioning a little tiny version of Brian, and I can't wait for him to play outside, explore, and come home covered in mud from his adventures :)  We went to our 20 week sonogram a couple of weeks ago and within the first couple of minutes the doctor said, "oh, do you want to know what you're having?" Then we spent the next 20 minutes of the ultrasound being extremely obnoxious, I'm sure, and repeating over and over, "Oh my gosh, it's a little boy!  Can you believe he's a little boy?"  We were just a teeny bit excited,
My little 1980's husband just being adorable.  I hope our little boy looks just like him.
Here is baby boy's tiny hand and little thumb sticking up.  During the sonogram, he kept wiggling or flailing his arms and legs all over.  It's so cool to actually see what those movements I've been feeling look like.  Brian said he loved getting to see that there actually is a tiny human growing in there and to see all of his little features.  It's so crazy to go from seeing a sonogram a few months ago where he looked like a little lump, to seeing hands, feet, and everything- we even saw him blowing bubbles at one point!
Baby boy was being a little shy and kept covering his face with his hands.  Here he is facing us with his hand in front.  He was pressed facedown most of the time so we couldn't get a clear picture of his profile, but we are planning on getting a 3d sonogram in about a month or so and hopefully he will be face up then!  The doctor said his measurements were great and that he looked like a healthy boy!  We could not have been happier to get that report, and I spent the rest of the day telling practically anyone who I came into contact with that we were having a boy- even the random people I was sitting next to at my school's cafeteria while waiting for my lunch order to be ready.  

Brian and I went out and bought him the little pair of blue shoes in the first picture and a furry little winter hat with the flaps that come down over his ears.  It's a challenge not to buy him a billion tiny man shirts and jeans (especially when walking through the baby boy section at Old Navy!  Oh the rolled up summer cargo pants in all colors!) but I want to wait until closer to when he gets here to see what he really needs.  We are trying to keep a strict budget when baby shopping and buy wisely (mostly used items) and it keeps me in a frugal mindset so I don't go overboard with shopping for him.  We have really only purchased a few things so far, and next on the list is his crib (from Ikea, we are thinking) and a really cool used hiking carrier from Kid to Kid.  It's funny to sit with Brian at night and plan out just exactly what kind of bottles, baby carriers, etc. we want to purchase... I feel like we've officially entered the parent category and it's so funny to see us in these rolls.  Brian felt a big baby kick the other night while we were having one of these conversations and he said, "Man, that baby is strong in there!"  Love.


Anonymous said...

ahhhhhhhhhh lkasjdflkadjflj so excited!!!

Anonymous said...

So, so happy and excited about our little man:) He'll be a born rock climber and skier!! Can't wait to see you in May!! xoxo Mom