Sunny and 60? Yes, please.

Sunday afternoon was a pregnant girl victory for me.  We went on a hike!  The weather was so perfect and I was dying to be outside and breathe in the fresh air.  We chose a hike that wasn't too steep (the pictures make it look steeper than in actually was- bonus!) and I stopped to rest about 15 times, but it was so worth it.  
 I was actually surprised at how much slower I needed to go. Brian and I have been walking every night, but as soon as we hit an incline, I started just inching along at a snail's pace.  If I would go any faster I would feel out of breathe and would just slow back down again.  Brian was really cute and kept finding flat rocks to sit on and take a break.  No matter what, it felt wonderful to be out walking in nature and I plan on taking more super slow hikes this spring.

Samantha wanted to follow Brian up the boulder but then got really scared when she had to come back down and started whining.

Top things we are looking forward to this week:
1. Find out the gender of the baby early tomorrow morning. Ahhhh I'm so excited to see that little baby on the screen!!  Pretty sure this is going to be me, ha:

2. Portlandia season 4 starts this Thursday and Brian and I are pretty much counting down the days.
3. We just booked our hotel for our Portland trip in a couple of weeks.  Roadtrip!  Oh. yes.

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Anonymous said...

You look so beautiful!:) I can't believe it's warm enough for a tank top in February!!!!
xoxo Mom