Up they go

Brian took Samantha for a walk up in the mountains last weekend and took this gorgeous shot of the Salt Lake valley.
 Snow dog!  She really hates the summer heat and the winter snow is her favorite.
Jolley's Corner Pharmacy in the Foothill area is one of my very favorite places to go for gifts in Salt Lake.  One side is a pharmacy and the other is a boutique with clothing, gifts, and lots of children's items. They decorate for every holiday and season and they fill their display tables with banners, tulle, and overflowing gift ideas for the upcoming holiday.  The baby stuff is my fave too.  I got my friend's new little baby the sweetest swaddling blanket and crocheted booties there.  She is going to look so sweet swaddled up like a little burrito in her new blanket.
 On a walk this week at our favorite state capitol.
We tried to take a picture with Samantha but she was so excited about her walk that she literally couldn't contain herself. Then I got really mad that she wasn't sitting still for the picture and was like forget it! but then Brian took just one more and this is it. 

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