19 Weeks

How far along are you? 19 weeks.  Almost halfway there.  That's crazy and sometimes I want it to slow down.
Feeling: Really good the last month.
Craving: Coffee, but sticking to one cup a day.  Jimmy John's Vito sandwiches.
Aversions: Um... nope!
Gender: We finally get to find out this coming Tuesday!!
Exercise: Still trying to walk every night, even if it's just up and back down our street again.  I went to a new yoga class at my yoga studio and found out that the teacher used to teach the prenatal class there (but they stop offering the class because attendance was always low).  She was the nicest teacher and discreetly gave me pointers throughout the class.  After class, she even stayed after and showed me some great stretches and poses that help with labor- she had practiced yoga throughout her two pregnancies and had some great advice.
Best moments: Feeling the baby move around so much. The movements are getting stronger too- at first it really did feel like little flutter and now it feels like the baby is rolling around in there.  It always moves a lot during my morning biology lecture and I have found myself looking forward to that.  Brian is really excited to be able to feel the baby move and tries to put his hand on my stomach and feel it a lot, even though it's really too early for him to feel the baby on the outside.
Worst moments- HEAD. ACHES.  Also, up until now I thought that pregnancy brain wasn't really a thing, at least for me.  Lately, however, I'm not so sure- I think I tell people the same things over and over lately and I have to rely heavily on my planner every day to keep my schedule straight.

Well, I think the pregnancy sappiness has finally set in.  It started with a text message from my friend Laura.  All it said at the end of a conversation was, "You, my friend, are making a person." Then I got emotional and read that text message like 4 more times throughout the day.  After that, my friend Aly messaged me about a really sweet dream she had about Brian and I having a little baby girl (I wonder if she is right?!) and then I got teary-eyed and read that message multiple times also.  Aly just had a baby girl less than a year ago and we've practically been writing novels back and forth on how to make your own swaddling blankets and baby wraps, feelings during and after pregnancy, and all other baby related tips and tricks. I always look forward to reading those messages so much, along with messages from one of my best friends from Saipan, Kara, who is pregnant at the same time as me.  She is just a little ahead of me and it's really fun to share everything together.
Brian went to Idaho this last weekend to visit his best friend from college, Andy.  They went skiing two days in a row and Brian had such a good time.  This was Brian's second time skiing and he said he's getting better at it and feeling more confident.  He said that the first time around he kind of just launched himself down the hills and didn't really have any control or anything, but it sounds like he's really starting to like it now. 

A couple of weekends ago, we were supposed to go out to eat with our friends Jamie and Taylor, but we totally forgot that the Olympics were starting that night and didn't want to miss the opening ceremony.  We got Thai food instead and stayed in... complete with some figure skating moves with puppy Babz Rhonda in honor of the games.  Let me tell you, Babz loved it.

We ordered from Chanon Thai here in Salt Lake and it was fab
 Little plant on our windowsill trying to catch some sun.

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