Fairs and I love Fall

Here's a quick post because the pictures are piling up on my phone!! 
Our downtown library (which we are kind of obsessed with right now- it's one of our favorite places) has a really cool "rooftop garden" area where you can get a beautiful view of the city and the mountains.  See Dunkin Donuts down there? Also one of our favorite places.  Tonight I'm waiting for Brian to get home from a short bike ride so we can go for a ride on his scooter and get a chocolate glazed donut...
Also seen at the downtown library in front of this cute little store that sells pretty plants and succulents and little wind chimes.
Monday night dessert at Gourmandise.  My rice pudding was so good, the weather was beautiful, and I had so much fun sitting out on the porch and talking with wonderful friends.
Then Kevin the dog was feeling a little bit exposed for a picture and I love it how he's looking at Brian like help me. 
 The other night I asked Brian to put the duvet cover back on our comforter because it's way too hard and I hate doing it. I walked in and saw him inside of the comforter trying to get the stupid thing on.  Brian is cute.  Samantha couldn't be bothered by the cuteness to even get up.  Tired puppy.
 One of my favorite things we've done this fall (or maybe this was still "summer") was going to the Utah State Fair.  We met a big bunch of our friends there, which made it even more fun, and spent the night wandering around, petting animals, and eating fried food.  
Amy Grant (the Amy Grant- I had all of her cassette tapes when I was little) was playing at the fair and Brian and I snuck off to listen to her for a little bit. I also had a fried twinkie, which I think I've told ever single person I've seen since the fair all about.  so good.
Christmas is coming!!!!  Thank you Costco for making my day with your early Christmas trees and ribbons!
7-11, I completely agree. 

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