Wandering Spirit

I was looking through pictures of our year living in Taiwan on my computer and oh I got such a tingly feeling of nostalgia in my stomach.  We loved that year.  It was my first year out of college and our second year married.  We had just moved overseas for the first time and it was such an exciting time.  Everything was new and different, sometimes frustrating (language barriers, getting lost, cultural differences and misunderstandings), but it was such a beautiful experience and so cool to be doing all of it together with my husband.
Can you believe how gorgeous our city was?
Sometimes Brian and I get so restless, sometimes to a fault.  We love the adventure of living in a brand new place with new surroundings, languages, dynamics.  We love the new smells, climate, and food.  We love finding the local hidden treasures and driving places just to explore.  While we are so happy and content with our home in Salt Lake City, and all of the wonderful people and places (mountains!) here, we talk all the time about how someday we will live overseas again.  I think this makes my family members roll their eyes sometimes :) (probably because they have to hear it all the time!)  But Brian and I love to dream about living in Taiwan again someday, or Thailand, China, Europe... there are just so many cool places out there.  These pictures of Taipei make me smile and fuel my passion and love for travel.
Brian riding his scooter while borrowing our friend Rosa's teeny tiny helmet.
Hanging out in our apartment in Neihu on the new yellow couch we had just bought- we were so excited about it!  This was the same couch we watched all six seasons of Lost on.  Brian and I ate out every night in Taiwan because the food was so cheap and we didn't really have a functioning kitchen.  Didn't mind that!
My friend Jenna, and I would always ride the MRT to meet each other and shop, drink milk tea, explore the city, eat shabu shabu, and get our hair washed+massage+styled.  Such good memories!
Hiking day in the mountains behind our apartment.

 Government raid!  Me and my friend James running out of our school without even time to put our shoes on!
 Hiking together in Pinxi.
 101 beauty
 Our beautiful neighborhood in the setting sun. I have an obsession with high-rise apartments, especially with the mountains behind them.
 Soccer during teacher training in the middle of Taipei.
 My birthday dinner and I was showing off my ring.  Brian took me to Chili's, which was the perfect thing.  American comfort food was the best birthday surprise, and he brought all my gifts our families had sent me from home and I opened them at the table at Chili's- so sweet and fun.  Also, I remember the waiter spoke English really well and sang to me.
 Cold scooter travels all bundled up.  We would always travel during the weekends.  I wish I would have written more about Taiwan when I blogged back then instead of just putting up mostly pictures.
 This picture made me super nostalgic- leading exercise time with my coworkers at my school, Hsin Hu.  One of my favorite parts of the day while teaching kindy.  These were the best coworkers in the world and we had so many fun times together- it seems like I was cracking up laughing all the time while working there!  Still miss these guys- they are the very best and gave me some of the best memories.
On a trip with Brian, Heather, Rosa, and Mia.  We stayed in the coolest little hostel that had this board in the lobby.
Taiwan, we love you.

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