What?! It's so cool!

This week, we got to go to the dog park twice with our friends and Sam's doggie bffs- so awesome!  Last night, it was chilly and beautiful at Memory Grove Park.  There we leaves crunching under our feet and I was a little cold even in a jacket.  We went with our friends Amanda and Martin and their two pretty dobermans.  I got to catch up with Amanda about lots of things and we discovered that we will be taking classes at the same time and same campus next sememster- yayy!
 The boys probably called each other beforehand so they could match...
 I met Amanda when we first moved here, but she moved out of state for awhile.  I'm so glad that she's back and we get to hang out again- this girl is so genuine and fun.
 Is it weird that I like my husband's mail delivering clothes and tell him he should wear this mail jacket to the dog park because I think it's cute on him?  It's probably really weird.
 On Sunday, we were driving down South Temple and I saw our friends Brian and Sarah in a restaurant parking lot, so I rolled down my window and yelled Saaaraaahh!  :)  We went to see them and decided to go the dog park together that afternoon.

I just realized that I took zero pictures of the dogs from both playdates but just pics of people oops.

We went to Memory Grove also, because they have never been, and wanted to take their little chug Kevin there.  It was really fun to show them the park (they really liked it!) and I loved sitting on the comfy blanket with Sarah and talking while the dogs played.  
Samantha swam around in this little pond for about an hour.  She loves it.  I took Kevin to the edge of the water to see if he would jump in.  He did, and disappeared completely under the water (which made me a little nervous), then popped back out and decided the water was not for him.  I think Sam's on her own when it comes to swimming, but Kevin really liked the dog park.  I can't wait to go back and have them play together again.
Me and my husband- and Samantha peeking at us from near the tree.
Fall is for wool socks, calling my little brother all the time because our favorite shows are coming back on, reading with the space heater nearby, and putting the extra blankets on your bed.  And being cozy at all times!

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