Wir Lieben Oktoberfest!!

Yesterday, my friends and I drove the steep, winding road up Little Cottonwood Canyon to reach Snowbird Ski Resort for Oktoberfest.  Prima!  The mountainous drive to the resort was breathtaking: fall colors, snow, and pine trees against a bright blue sky.  I wanted to stop so many times to take a picture, but was following some friends up the mountain and didn't want to lose them.  
When we reached Oktoberfest (after a crazy 2 minutes of a man getting his arm stuck in the shuttle bus door that was about to start driving... yikes!) we were greeted with polka music, garlic fries, bratwurst, and plenty of lederhosen and suspenders.
It got cooler and windy towards the end, but most of our time there was pretty warm without a jacket, even though the surrounding mountains were already covered by a light dusting of snow.
We also saw lots of people riding the Alpine slide (I'm not scared of heights but that thing seriously freaks me out) and the ski lifts.  Brian and I had come to Oktoberfest last year when we were just Utah babies (we had our one year Utah anniversary at the first of this month!) and we rode the ski lift together.  Right now, Brian is in Texas visiting his family and so we wasn't able to come along yesterday.  Luckily, our friend Brian ate a bratwurst for my Brian.
Here's where we ate- right next to the big tent with polka dancers inside.  There were piles of snow on the ground around our table.  Someone told me that because we are already getting snow in mid-September, we are in for a long winter (but I don't really mind that).  My goal this year is to go skiing several times with my husband- he needs to get out on those slopes!
This is one of my favorite pictures from the day- so festive!

Brian is really enjoying his time in Texas with his family right now. I've talked to him several times and always ask for in-depth details of everything they are doing.  I love spending time with his family in Texas and wish I could be there.  I have such sweet memories there from the time Brian and I were dating, then engaged, married, and then spending time in Texas right after we got back to the states last summer.  Brian's mom always makes her home feel so comforting and welcoming, and I love getting to spend time talking to all of Brian's family there and hanging out with them.  Can you tell I'm a little jealous that he is there? :)  Also, puppy Samantha is getting special privileges and getting to sleep in the bed while he is away.

Congratulations to our friends Ashley and Creighton who just had the most gorgeous baby girl!!!  She is so sweet!


Anonymous said...

1. I LOVE each of these pictures. 2. The first one hahahaha 3. Ryanne is totally checking out that boy baby in the one of the three of us.

Rachel said...

Hahaha she is!! And I know I love the first one too- yesterday was SO fun!