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Love these!
I made my first Polyvore board!  My friend Sarah made an awesome list of her favorite things the other day and I wanted to share some too!  Next time I need to put the little numbers on the board to make it a bit more organized.

 Under Armour sportswear: I bought these Under Armour pants the other day after trying them on in the dressing room and they felt like wearing little fluffy clouds.  I've been wearing them every second that I'm not at work or out doing something- new favorites.

 black and white striped leggings: I saw these Gap pajamas on a blog and want to pick up some after I go try them on. Comfy pants are the best for winter and you can wear them out with boots over them and not even care.

Gucci by Gucci for her: Oh, I love this perfume.  They actually discontinued it but I bought some online earlier this year when I ran out of it.  Brian originally bought me this perfume for my birthday while living in Taiwan and it just brings back great travel memories when wearing it.  The sense of smell is so powerful when it comes to memories.  This scent is better in the winter and fall because it's really musky.

Body cleanser: I could only find the picture for the Organix Moroccan Oil body wash, but I actually just use the hair oil every day and it is so great.  If you use a big dollop when your hair is still wet, it will make it super soft and cut down on drying time too! I also love their coconut scented shampoo and conditioner. 

Mossimo top: I have been obsessed with these Target tanks for about 4 years and wear one under whatever I'm wearing just about every single day- sometimes two in the winter to be really comfortable and warm, and then my friends make fun of me for wearing so many layers :)

The Mat- Lululemon yoga clothes are actually not my favorite.  They are cute, but just so expensive to get all sweaty in yoga class (sweat stains are too dumb for a $50 tank top!)  I like to wear old tank tops to yoga class that are still cute but I don't have to worry about messing them up.  But my yoga mat on the other hand... I've been using cheap, regular yoga mats for years.  Then during one class, I borrowed a Manduka mat and was an instant believer in high end mats.  It felt so much better on my knees, didn't get slippery when sweaty, and didn't ever slide around on the floor.  I've been researching mats a lot lately, and have decided to get this one for my birthday next month.  In fact, my mom is going to be here in Salt Lake over my birthday and we are going to go buy it together.

Capri Blue Volcano Chub Cup This candle will make you never want to leave your house.  And big plus, it's not super feminine smelling (Brian likes it).

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