Neff's Canyon, Utah

 After church and brunch with some of our friends this morning, Brian and I decided to take Samantha to Neff's canyon so we could see the fall colors.  We were a weekend or two early for the majorly impressive fall colors, but about 10% of the trees were already starting to change.

Neff's Canyon is just south of Millcreek Canyon, and is much smaller than the other canyons in the valley.  We were really impressed by the hiking trails, and we saw a ton of other people with their families and dogs there.  We saw that it's also really popular for cross country skiing in the winter.

Brian is getting ready to go back to Neff's Canyon this evening for a trail run while I go to my yoga class.  I'm trying to persuade him to bring my iphone to take pictures from the top of the canyon so I can share them!
On the way home this afternoon, we stopped to go grocery shopping and I got this.  
Which immediately reminded me of this HA!

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