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 You know what makes my whole week?  When my friend Anna sends me cards, because on top of the awesome card,  she always puts in magazine pages with little notes all over them of our fave celebs.  The very best.
 Our next door neighbor Sarah is Brian's new official hairdresser!  We have the best next door neighbors, Amber and Sarah.  Our dogs play together (when they're not fighting) and Amber watched Samantha when we went to Zion, so now every time Sam sees Amber she freaks out with love.  They are both hairdressers, so Brian asked Sarah to start cutting his hair.  Want to see the finished product?
 It looks great!
 Here's our church small group at Brian and Sarah's cute new house.  We accidentally forgot to document our first time we had small group there, so this the second night.  We love our new spot, thanks for offering to host, guys! 
  On Saturday, my friend Liz and I were supposed to go to the Farmer's market but decided to go get coffee, breakfast burritos, and scones instead at Red Moose Coffee.
 Liz had some free time afterwards so I begged her to teach me how to knit and she agreed.  We ended up running to Michaels and getting me my first pair of knitting needles (actually, they are the circle kind) and some yarn.
 Making a potholder yyeeeah!
 Liz's husband Dan definitely thought it was a headband.  I ended up making half of a potholder and it looked awful so I just unraveled the whole thing and started over.
 serious knitting pro Liz

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