Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market-ing on Saturday.  It was hottt.  We're going to go again next week a little bit earlier to try to beat the heat.  My favorite things I've bought at the Farmer's Market this summer:
-my little succulent plant
-Thai iced tea every week
-the fresh berries I bought last week- we had them on homemade ice cream
Baby snuggles!!!  I babysat my friend Heather's baby boy last week and it was the best.

I bought an old cruiser bike from Craigslist last night and Brian and I took our bikes for a spin around our neighborhood.  We also decided to take Samantha on her leash and have her walk along with us while we rode... it was an absolute mess.  I was literally dying laughing watching Sam try to run in front of the bike when she saw a cat, or when she repeatedly got freaked out by the bike and tried to just sit down on the ground.  Brian finally dropped her off at home and came back to ride with me... we are going by ourselves from now on ha!!  

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Cute pics!! :)