Cooking night with the ladiezz

Last weekend, some friends and I had our second themed cooking night.  We made Asian food for our first cooking night and Indian food this time.  We went over to our friend Amy's condo and got to work!  Actually, some of us had made our dishes before (like my slow-cooker lentils that I had made the day before), but there were still lots of yummy things being whipped up that night.  My very favorite dish was the homemade falafel and yogurt sauce that Amy made- see the picture above.
 Just crushing some coriander cause ya know that's how we cook.
 The only problem was that there was sooo much food!  We accidentally made too much and hardly even put a dent in all of it.  But that just meant leftovers!
Good food and awesome girls.
Last night, Brian and I went to an event at our friends' chiropractic office.  Our friends Jamie and Taylor moved to Salt Lake around the same time that we did and we met them through our church. They opened their Maximized Living chiropractic office, Align Utah, last fall and have steadily been building an amazing practice.  We're so proud of them- they are fantastic at what they do and have worked so hard.
They also put on these fantastic events, like the Eat Real Food event that we went to last night. It had some great information on how a lot of the packaged and fast food we eat is not really food, but chemicals and things that look like food and that are not good for us.  It also had great, practical info on how to include better food into your diet, and planning throughout the week to ensure that you eat healthy meals, even in a rush.
My favorite tips:
-It takes about 17 times for your palate to change and to begin craving or even liking a new food. I'm going to start eating some more vegetables that I don't really like, in hopes that I will develop a taste for them.
-Add one to two more healthy smoothies into my week, and to do the same for salads.
-After I grocery shop, immediately cut up the fruits and veggies so that they will be ready to easily grab and make a stir fry, smoothie, etc.  I really like convenience, and this will help me to not just say, "oh, whatever, I'll just go grab something from the drive-thru because it's quick."
- Read labels!  If it has a ton of stuff that you can't pronounce, it's probably not good for you.
Awesome, these are all so easy to do- thanks for the tips, guys!

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