Surfing and the Spa

Five of us girls spent the afternoon at the spa on Saturday and it was FABULOUS.
Saipan's spas (and resorts) are so amazing, and every once in a while, they will offer a deal for locals.  

 This time, we were able to spend the day using the Mariana Resort's many different spa pools (hot tubs, flower pools, swimming pools), AND get an hour long massage for only $35.  The regular price for this would have been way over a hundred dollars....  Saipan treats their locals SO well!

 Dressed up in our robes and ready for our massage

 The ridiculous flip flops we wore than really wouldn't stay on our feet!

Relaxing in the infinity pool.  It had been such a rainy week before we went to the spa (there had been another tropical storm circulating around the area, so it rained HARD every day), but the clouds finally opened up and the sun shone on Saturday.  The next time they offer the local discount at Marianas Resort... we're going again!!
 That night, our friends Kara and Grant hosted a fish fry at their apartment.  Here's some of the guys out on the back porch with their guitars giving us all some background music.
 THIS puppy got to try surfing at Sugar Dock beach on Sunday afternoon.  Brian and his friends Jake and Will tried putting her on Jake's surfboard twice.  Both times, she shakily rode the board for a while until she got too nervous and fell off :)

Note: Saipan usually does not have good surfing waves (I think because of the reef that surrounds it but I'm not sure about this).  However, because of the tropical storm I mentioned before, we've had great waves this past week.  When we went to Sugar dock on Sunday, it was PACKED with surfers taking advantage of the crazy waves.

 Our friend Chris found some WWII bullets up near his house in Marpi, and gave some to Brian.  Here they are next to Brian's id to show just how huge they are.
 I've been taking weekly Chinese lessons from my friend Pearl.  Here's one of the books I'm studying from.


g&kfifield said...

Saturday was the best day ever.!!!! We have to go again. Samantha is super cute!

Anonymous said...

Love your pictures. I want one of those robes! I can't believe how big Sam's gotten. xoxo Mom

Brian and Rachel said...

i know mom, i wanted to keep the robe too! Sam says hi and she loves you