Saturday trip to Managaha Island

 This Saturday we spent the most relaxing day on a little island right next to Saipan. Yes, it is even smaller than Saipan.   Managaha Island... we love you!
 Brian and I took a morning yoga class at our gym, grabbed some Subway (we almost always grab Subway before a long day at the beach.  It's quick, cheap, and one of Saipan's few fast food places), and headed to the dock for Managaha.  We were meeting our friends who had already taken the 11 am ferry, so we were actually the only people on the 1 pm ferry to Managaha.  We felt kind of weird because they probably lost money on us (locals can take the ferry to and from Managaha for free, as long as we sign up in advance), but it was kind of cool to have the boat to ourselves.
the view out the window of our ferry over

This is the Managaha's dock.  You can usually spot some bright blue starfish or a few very small sharks swimming near the dock- a really cool sight for first time visitors to the island.

my honey

The Coral Queen is in the background- the ferry that locals can take for free.  Saipan really takes care of it's local people.  We can usually get 10-15% off at any restaurant, massage parlor (which are super cheap to begin with, here), water equipment, and some gift shops.  I also think it's really fun to call ourselves "Saipan locals"!

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g&kfifield said...

It was an amazing time at Managaha and I love what you did with the pictures. I think this time you took more pics than i did:) Have a super day Rach!