It's a rainy day on Saipan today. 
Which is actually such a nice break from the heat.  Since Saipan basically only has one season (summer!)  rainy days are kind of like our fall-  I love them.
We've been experimenting with our new refurbished camera and trying to learn how to use it. Brian took this one of some of the beautiful tropical flowers outside our house.  

Lately, we've been having SO many car problems.  Thank goodness we still have our little blue scooter (that only goes 32 miles per hour max) to get around on because our car has been constantly in and our of the shop the last 3 weeks.  5 times to be exact.

So. Expensive!

The car is 21 years old and 200,000+ miles, so it is kind of to be expected, but we're just not sure how much more money we should put into it.

Brian starts back to work at Hopwood Middle School next Monday, and I will be working full-time at ALAI (my tutoring company) this school year.  I'm so proud of our company and of how well it has been doing lately.  Summer camp at ALAI was super busy, but really fun- I was sad to see the last of our kids visiting from Korea go this Friday.

This puppy will be traveling to America sometime soon.  She is going to be so cute when she feels cold weather or sees snow for the first time.  So far, she's only been a tropical dog!

 Tony Roma's restaurant for our friend Becky's birthday.  Grant, Will, and Brian here, Allison, Kara, and I below.

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g&kfifield said...

Love the pics of Sam such a cutie:) I had a blast at Becky's birthday also!