This week has been so much fun meeting new friends and spending time with old ones.  On Sunday, we headed out to Bird Island with some of the returning and new teachers from Saipan Community School.  Hands down, it was my favorite trip to Bird Island, especially because of all the exploring we did.

These girls are wonderful- Kara, me, Alison, Becky, and Anna.

Earlier in the week, we spent some time at Samantha's very favorite place in the world... the dog park.  It's a little bit ridiculous how excited she gets when we pull into the park's parking lot.
 This little German Shepard pup, Tasi, is Sam's favorite playmate.  They spend the entire time at the park biting, rolling around, and chewing on each other.

 We learned some awesome training tips from our friend Atsuko (these are her three very well-behaved labs)

On Friday night, we went over to our friend Joyce and Chris's house for game night.

Besides that, we've been spending our days at the Summer Camps where we teach.  My school has a group of 40+ children that arrived for camp from Korea a few weeks ago, and they have been so much fun to teach.  Tomorrow we will take them all to Managaha Island for a big field trip... omg wish us luck!

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