Books I've read in Saipan - by Brian

It's been two years since Rachel and I started traveling.  I've never been a big reader but have really enjoyed the comforts of a good book over the last couple of years.  These are the books that I have read since arriving to our little island. 
I really liked the adventures had in The Call of the Wild and Life of Pi and the picture of the Congolese culture in The Poisonwood Bible.  Night and The Things They Carried were graphic but wonderful stories from the Holocaust and Vietnam War.  Rob Bell's - Jesus Want's to Save Christians really challenged me and had great insight into the whole Bible story.  Water for Elephants was my least favorite and I kind of felt like I was just reading a teen movie.  I would say this was a great year of reading and I'm looking forward to what books I'll read in this next year.

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